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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Want a dazzling new kitchen and save money?

Did you know that refacing kitchen cabinets can be a lot cheaper than buying new ones? You'll save money and get new cabinets that look great too! Refacing involves just changing the front panel of your existing cabinet doors which saves a ton of money and still makes an impact on how your kitchen looks.

With professional kitchen cabinet refacing, it's possible to get dramatic results for pennies on the dollar. Most homeowners don't even know about this option, because they think they have to buy expensive new cabinetry. But the good news is you can get an entirely new looking kitchen for half the price with kitchen cabinet refacing.


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Less hassle and not so messy
Refacing is not only a more affordable way to update your kitchen but it has minimal disruption and hassle. There simply is no need to tear out everything just to get that fresh look. If your cabinets have sturdy frames, refacing can be a good solution. And if you want something more than just a facelift, we offer upgrades such as new countertops as well. We will even help with design ideas if you're not sure what style would work best for your space!

The degree to which you refurbish the cabinets is up to you. Simply painting or restaining them can have a dramatic effect. In some cases it is desirable to replace the doors and drawer fronts with a completely different door style or wood species. Cabinet refacing is essentially a replacement of both door skins and drawer fronts with one or more veneers. It's also an opportunity to update outdated hardware like hinges, handles, and pulls. 


What goes into cabinet refacing?

  • The specialist removes the cabinet doors, drawers and fronts (the rest of the drawers boxes remain intact).
  • The front portions of the cabinet boxes are covered, either with natural wood veneer or Rigid Thermofoil.
  • Cabinet sides are skinned with wood veneer or laminate.
  • New door hinges are added, if necessary. Hinges in good condition can also be reused. 
  • New doors and drawer fronts are installed. 
  • New handles, drawer pulls, and other types of fixtures are usually installed. Existing hardware can also be reused if it is in good shape.
  • Optional accessories, such as glass panels, lighting, or storage accessories are installed.

Refinishing cabinets

Refinishing is another great option for people who want their cabinets revitalized. The process of refinishing involves stripping the cabinet door or drawer of its previous color and reviving it with a new paint job in either one colour, two tones, or even three shades.

Environmentally friendly and cost effective
Refacing is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution will also save thousands because it uses less material than other options. There is no need to throw away perfectly good kitchen cabinets if the interior and frames are still in good condition.


Let's talk about refacing your kitchen cabinets.

If you're looking for a way to spruce up your kitchen, but you don't want to spend a fortune.

We've got the perfect solution! Our cabinet refacing service is affordable and easy.

It doesn't matter if you're in need of some fresh paint or just want an update on the hardware- our team can help with all of it. Plus, we offer free estimates so there's no risk involved! Give us a call today at 941-586-0433.



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