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Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small kitchen ideas that rock.

Do you live in a small house or condo with a small kitchen?   Remodeling a small kitchen can be done creatively with just a few tips from the experts.

We all dream of a lovely open, kitchen with lofty ceilings, and plenty of natural light pouring through the windows. But sadly, many of us must make do with small kitchens in cramped quarters and downright peculiar layouts. While small apartments and houses might be charming, they are sometimes notoriously short of total kitchen space.   Fortunately, there are plenty of small kitchen design ideas that can be used to enhance your kitchen's efficiency while being attractive at the same time.


Small Kitchen Design Ideas


A Small Kitchen Hiding in Plain Sight
A well-designed small kitchen may use a variety of design tactics to distract you from its modest size. Our personal favorite is the ultimate stealth kitchen.  One that blends in with another room or just simply does away with the traditional concept of what a kitchen should look like.  The modern kitchen cabinets are cleverly designed which creates a beautiful streamlined effect.

Small kitchen or modern art?
A well-designed kitchen can be appreciated and shown off like beautiful art. Here we have two small kitchens that are masterfully designed. They also cleverly use insets to accomplish their multi-layer look. Beautiful lighting in just the right places helps to create a chic timeless look. This extra light adds drama to the back splash, and also provides plenty of light in the workspace.

The entire kitchen below seems like a minimalist sculpture that also has a ton of clever storage space. Can you spot the refrigerator or wine rack in the picture? This particular kitchen was used in an upscale loft. It looks equally at home in New York or in a beautiful new condo in downtown Sarasota.

small kitchen idea with LED lighting, one tone

Neutral tones for making small kitchens spacious.
In any space, light or neutral shades help to increase the feeling of space in the area.  Dark colors tend to make a space smaller.  In a small kitchen using white and other neutral colors such as gray or beige will bring an airier feel to the room.   White shiny Euro-style cabinets will reflect light and let it bounce, making the kitchen appear larger.

Use all the Vertical Space
Make use of all available space.  For example, your kitchen cabinet height should go all the way up to almost touching the ceiling.  Open shelves serve not just to maximize space but also to give the kitchen a more open feel. Installing open shelving in a kitchen doesn't cost much at all, and it will boost your storage space.


Mother nature to the rescue
Using plants or even vertical spice gardens can bring life and nature into your kitchen. Adding plants to your kitchen is an easy way to infuse some personality into your space. And besides, a lively, colorful kitchen only makes cooking dinner feel more fun and less of a chore.


Work triangle efficiency and vital concepts for a small kitchen
When cooking, the layout of a small kitchen should allow for easy movement, as well as smooth access to supplies and equipment. A triangle configuration of the stove, sink, and refrigerator is perfect for increasing workflow efficiency.  Also, make sure you have access to counterspace beside the refrigerator and on both sides of the stove for storing items.


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